webhosting closing on September 27, 2017

It is with reluctance and sadness that I reach out to you today to let you know that I’ll no longer be hosting websites. On September 27, 2017, my server will go offline. You’ll need to move to another webhost by September 24, 2017, to make sure there will be no downtime. I am really sorry that I’ve not been able to provide more notice about this; I only came to this decision last night.
I have three reasons for taking the server offline.
  1. You might have read about the D.C. Superior Court ruling that the webhosting company, DreamHost, must provide information about who visited a website to the Department of Justice. On this matter, I stand with DreamHostHuman Rights WatchElectronic Frontier FoundationPublic Citizen, and other groups who believe this ruling oversteps boundaries and violates the Constitution. This case sets precedent for web hosting and privacy in the USA. I would love to say that I would join this fight if I received a subpoena for the server, but the truth is that I don’t have the resources (energy, money, tech know-how, etc.) to do so.
  2. I can’t afford to pay my yearly membership fee this year. Membership fees would be $144 this year and I feel sickened by that price tag. It’s still cheaper than a year of hosting through a lot of companies, but it’s much more expensive than our fees have ever been.
  3. I’ve been doing this for 18 years. I’m burned out.
Some of you have sites that have nothing to do with politics, activism, or anything related. For you, I recommend getting hosting with another cooperative, such as Electric EmbersGaia, or HCoop. I also recommend Laughing Squid if you prefer to go with a company and not a cooperative.
For everyone else, I recommend getting offshore hosting. Navigating those waters can be difficult as there can be language barriers, tech support at odd hours due to difference in time zones, and higher costs. I recommend these hosts: MEGA and Orange, though there are a multitude of others with high ratings. Webhosting based in the Netherlands, Iceland, and Norway might be your best, though most expensive, bets. Some folks still feel comfortable using the USA-based riseup, but I am not one of them.
To make sure your site(s) have no down time, make sure they are up and running with your new webhost by September 24. Don’t forget to update your DNS (the service that “tells” the internet which server to get your site from), too. Updating your DNS is done with the company you registered your domain name with. For most of you, that’s with a company or person that is not me.
Please let me know if you need technical help in transferring to a new host.
As always, please respond to let me know that you have received this email and are aware that you will need to find a new webhost.
“Goodnight and good luck,”


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