A seventeen-year-old web hosting service is like ancient history

My mission: to bring together like-minded individuals and groups by offering co-operative style web hosting costs. In other words, as more people join, maintenance costs per user drop.

Many people want a home on the web these days, but in order to get a variety of service options, it can be hard to find a cost effective provider. I’ve been hosting sites for other people since 1999, when I started running my first server. If you think it’s easy now to find a nice amount of disk space, bandwidth, databases, lenient content restrictions and multiple domains for cheap in 2017, you should have tried it in 1999!

When I first brought people together to bring down the monthly service fees to the co-location provider (the people who physically maintained the server off a fat bandwidth connection), it cost us about $200 (USD) a month for just 20g of disk space and 2g of monthly bandwith. Back then, that was considered a steal. Fortunately, technology has since become more readily available, and thus, cheaper.

Think you might be interested? I’m always open to new members. Because this isn’t a business, I attempt to make sure that users share the same frame of mind. This means that services are opened to independent minded, creative, and thrifty people. Some of the current users include personal bloggers, crafty small businesses, feminist-positive shops, music websites, photographers, and more. Most are of the liberal left mindset; while that is not a requirement, an open and hate-free mind is. Sites with racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, or other bigotry-oriented content will not be accepted. If you think you’re game, get in touch and we’ll talk!

As of 2017, we are hosting up to 10 domains for $70 per year per person. (This does not include URL forwarding.)